Scouter of new areas

Enrich the portfolio of Smartway villages with new selected locations!

We imagine you are:

– a lover of your area.
– a born PR.
– a dreamer who wants to innovate even more the world of work. 
– a tourism 2.0 enthusiast.
– a host or owner of a business or a member of an association in a wonderful place.

What you will need to do:
– convince us that it makes sense to invest in that particular village that you indicate to us.
– select and facilitate the registration on the platform of suitable hosts, in order to create a real Smartway camp.
– be our Ambassador in that territory of belonging.

– half super hero.
– able to work independently.
– sed to cooperating and communicating as a team.

Time Required:
– flexible / remote


Business DEV

Smartway’s mission is to improve the life of smart workers by suggesting them wonderful places to live and work. Companies are important enablers to get to the goal described. Welfare, forms of incentives, employer branding are many aspects that Smartway wants to innovate by speaking directly with HR and company management.
You will be responsible for affiliations, agreements and co-marketing campaigns on business market segments.
You will work closely with the CEO.

We imagine you have:
– at least two years of experience, both in startups and in the construction and maintenance of a company network.
– previous experience in an accelerator / incubator or in a business community network.
– fluent Italian and English.
– strong listening skills, emotional intelligence and are curious about how you can add value to customers.
– want to keep up with all aspects of our product – and use all the tools we have to your advantage!

What you will need to do:

– work closely with the CEO to build network relationships with companies in the Italian and European market (from June 2021).
– coordinate with companies to create business opportunities (offers, agreements, etc.).
– negotiate agreements for co-marketing and joint acquisition operations.
– coordinate with relevant areas in both companies to build joint communications.
– coordinate and be responsible for the execution of these activities.
– creation of activity reports.

– half super hero.
– able to work independently.

– used to cooperating and communicating as a team.

Time Required:
– flexible / remote.